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MyEvolv Portal

Web-Based or Mobile
Physical Security Management

MyEvolv Portal

MyEvolv Portal

The complementary application to Evolv Express, MyEvolv Portal provides the ability to interact with Evolv Express through a singular interface. The portal provides web-based or mobile access to Evolv Insights™ analytics, global support, and service documentation, and Evolv Express system administrator functions, like proactive notifications and remote scanner access and management.

Interrogate Security Metrics
In the MyEvolv portal, users with access can view Evolv Insights—powerful analytics that summarize visitor totals, alarm rates, and alert types across every Evolv Express system throughout your venues or facilities. Highly visual, interactive dashboards let users filter metrics by one system or many and by timeframes including year, quarter, month, day, and hour, all the way down to five-minute increments.

With Evolv Insights, security and operations teams can make data-driven decisions to strike the best balance of guest experience and physical security, more accurately deploy staff based on visitor flow and alarm rates, redirect traffic to eliminate crowding, and better prepare teams for the exact types of threat and benign items typically encountered at a venue. The ability to investigate past trends and interrogate similar, previous event types for multi-event venues helps leadership improve efficiency and resource use across physical security, guest services, concessions, retail, and other critical teams.

Manage Evolv Express Systems Remotely

Manage Evolv Express Systems Remotely
Administrators can remotely access and manage Evolv Express systems using the same functions available on the tablet interface, as if they were co-located with the system. Real-time remote Evolv Express system management is now possible with the ability to define Evolv Express configuration and detection settings, view system analytics, enable wireless capabilities, and perform remote troubleshooting tasks.

Additional administrator capabilities within the MyEvolv portal include provisioning users, subscribing end users to critical Request Assistance notifications, configuring specific system alerts and setting changes, and customizing scanner identifications.

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Evolv Technology Awarded U.S. Department
of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act
Designation for Evolv Express®

The Days of Invasive Weapons Screening Are Over

Evolv Technology has screened more than 200 million people, second only to the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States, and its technology combines powerful, advanced sensors with proven artificial intelligence (AI), security ecosystem integrations, and comprehensive venue analytics to reliably detect threats 10 times faster than traditional metal detectors.

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