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Evolv Express Request Assistance

Evolv Express Request Assistance

Enhance Your Security Response with Integrated Communications

Request Assistance

A host of technologies, processes, and protocols for venue security are available to your teams. But seamlessly integrating the most critical communications into your current process and technology landscape shouldn’t be a burden. When your staff needs to reach out across your existing security ecosystem—for help from other team members, supervisors, or adjacent teams like law enforcement—communications should happen as soon as your staff, and your guests, need it.

Introducing Evolv Express Request Assistance
Ensuring a frictionless guest experience while achieving unparalleled levels of security by detecting weapons at your entryways is the work of Evolv Express. But our technology relies on your people and processes for successful issue resolution. And when your teams need extra help to complete this work, whether because of visitor overcrowding, staffing constraints, a guest health emergency, or an escalated threat situation that needs additional personnel to resolve, it is critical to leverage your existing security processes and systems so that help can arrive as soon as possible.

With Evolv Express Request Assistance, this communication happens instantaneously. And by integrating seamlessly with your existing processes and technologies, Request Assistance means the right resources can help your teams, and your guests, as soon as possible.


Instant, Discreet Messages Sent to Systems and Personnel You Assign
Request Assistance integrates communications sent from Evolv Express with the personnel prescribed by your security protocols, extending your security ecosystem and adjacent technologies to include your venue’s entryways. With a simple touch, communications are sent discreetly from any Evolv Express tablet via SMS text or email. Evolv Express automatically includes the entry location of the system requesting assistance, along with the option for a customized message from the team member in need. Request Assistance ensures that the personnel staffing the most critical positions in your venue—weapons detection and screening—will be able to leverage existing protocols for critical communications to get the help they need and better secure your entryways, quickly.

Seamless Integration Configured by You
The MyEvolv Portal offers an intuitive, straightforward way for your system administrator to configure which staff members receive these requests. Simply configure email addresses and / or SMS notifications and “subscribe” the right personnel across your security team, venue management, and adjacent staff to receive alerts, and Evolv Express seamlessly orchestrates the rest. Customize the message that can be sent—and allow the team member sending it to add text describing their need—ensuring the right assistance reaches them and your guests as soon as it is needed.

Only Evolv Express Request Assistance Offers

Critical Communications: Instantly send requests leveraging the teams and protocols you define.
Discreet Outreach: At the touch of a button in the user interface, help is summoned—allowing your teams to reach out without visitors knowing.
Instantaneous Alerts: Address crowding, health issues, staff constraints, or escalated threat situations and streamline your critical response time.
Seamlessly Integrated: Easily assign your personnel or adjacent systems to receive alerts via SMS text message or email.
Target Critical Assistance: Request Assistance automatically includes the location where help is needed and allows for customized messages from the team member in need.

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Evolv Technology Awarded U.S. Department
of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act
Designation for Evolv Express®

The Days of Invasive Weapons Screening Are Over

Evolv Technology has screened more than 200 million people, second only to the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States, and its technology combines powerful, advanced sensors with proven artificial intelligence (AI), security ecosystem integrations, and comprehensive venue analytics to reliably detect threats 10 times faster than traditional metal detectors.

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